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The Review Corner was started by Lee Moore as just a hobby and somewhere to put his views to the world. He then noticed no other site reviews everything in one place so The Review Corner quickly became a fully operational review site, with many contributors of all ages and education standards.

With the help of Matthew Temple the site was quickly shaped and made into it’s current state, we quickly injected the social networking side to the site and everything moved forward from there.

In March of 2012 Oope Group completed its acquisition of The Review Corner.

The site is primarily to provide honest, usable and a high level of reviews, it was not started to make money, it is not intended to offend, discriminate or be little any one product or person.

The Review Corner will always be a free open service anybody can join and share their reviews or even just comment on other peoples work, make friends, exchange ideas and recommendations. This is not just the corner stone for reviews, this is a social networking experience, media education tool, and sharing facility all rolled into one.


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