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With more and more websites demanding our attention everyday, it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all our passwords. Luckily, theres happens to be a little tool to help keep track of not website passwords but also software licenses and personal information. It’s called 1Password.

Originally, 1Password was only available for Mac OS C, but the developers have since released a version of the popular application for Windows and iOS.

The interface of 1Password for Mac OS X is simple yet extremely functional with a bit of eye candy thrown in for good measure. When you open the application you’ll need to type in your master password to access all of your data stored with the program. After clicking the unlock button the doors to your virtual vault of data will slide open with a rather satisfying sound effect.

Eye and ear candy aside, I mentioned earlier that the interface is extremely functional, and you can immediately see why. You can choose between three alterations of the interface, although it remains extremely simile whatever option you choose. The window is split into three panes, with the far left hand pane of the window housing all your group shortcuts. these include your Internet logins, software licenses, and your virtual wallet among others.

Once you’ve selected the category that you need information on, the second pane splits this into all of the passwords or licenses that you have stored. This is where 1Password really starts to work its magic; to have all of my software licenses in one place is absolutely crucial for me, as I have a lot of software that I have purchased over the years for my Macs and to review.

Whether I have installed a program and wish to use it again a few months down the line, or wiped my machine and need to re-install every application I own, having your licenses in one place is the perfect way to be productive ad make sure everything is installed quickly. A number of OS X applications require a small password file to unlock full functionality, but you’re fully covered here as well, as you can attach files to records and make sure you’re ultra organised.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the primary aim of 1Password is to keep all of your Internet logins and passwords together, as it does it with such ease without you even knowing that it’s there. There is an extension for every browser you can think of that allows you to just press it a button an have your details filled in, be it personal details or login information.

It’s difficult to summarise such a positive review without making it sound like a sales pitch, but you really can’t look much further than 1Password if you want an all in one application to take care of all your personal data, passwords, serials and other license information. You can purchase the Mac OS X version for approximately £25, or choose the brand new Windows version for around £20. Or if you need both Agile Web Solutions have you covered with a combo pack for £35

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1Password, 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
Reviewed by Matt on 06 February 2011

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