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Book of Eli

The Book of Eli is pretty much like the colouring and tone of the film, grey and dull. It’s the story of Eli, a walker of the post-apocalyptic wastelands. He’s on a mission to go west, life is peaceful there… ahem, sorry. But that’s basically his whole motivation in the film, to go west. It starts off with him in a Silent Hill like environment, misty with ash raining from the sky as Eli, camouflaged, hunts cats.

We then see him cook and eat the cat, while some product placement happens. He has a wash with a KFC wetwipe and listens to music on his iPod, and reads from his book. Then on his travels he comes across a town, run by Carnegie, who basically controls the town by promising woman and food for service. While he sends a road crew out looking for a certain book. At this point you basically know what’s going on and how the film goes.

I was already bored 20 minutes in to the film and couldn’t really care where the film was going. Although there’s some decent acting from Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman, and the occasional decent scene but really it’s not enough to save the film from the boring mess it is. It seems to think it has something interesting or clever to say but beyond the occasional scene or bit of dialogue it doesn’t even have anything entertaining to say. It wasn’t painfully bad or anything, just dull and uninteresting.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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