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Cats & Dogs 2

Rubbish. Next. What? You want an actual review? OK, here goes.

Cats & Dogs 2 begins with a police dog (forgot the names already) who has trouble obeying orders, he rushes in to a hostage situation and blows up a used car dealership. The Dogs decide to recruit him and team him up with an older field agent and they begin to look for Kitty Galore, an evil cat mastermind, who has an evil plan to broadcast “The Call of The Wild” and drive all dogs mad. While on the hunt for Kitty they encounter a Cat agent also looking to bring down Kitty. So with some reluctance and build up Cats & Dogs begin working together to stop her evil plan.

Trying to be objective about this because it’s not as if it’s aimed at me but Cats & Dogs 2 is a badly done film, although it does have a couple of nice touches. There’s a well done Cat and Dog themed James Bond style intro and the evil mastermind has a white mouse as a pet which did get a smile out of me. But it seems to think it’s a … Movie style parody, and when a joke falls flat it just references another film instead which falls flat again. There’s references to Bond movies, with a henchman called Paws who has metal teeth, and Silence of the Lambs with another villain in confinement Hannibal Lector style, as well as so many other Buddy Cop movies, amongst others. How they’re supposed to entertain children I don’t know, I guess they’re thrown in for the parents but they’re not funny or well done they’re just there.
Some of the CG and animatronic work just doesn’t work and looks wrong and overall the film just isn’t entertaining. Even my niece who has been pestering to see it since the first time she saw the trailers said “This isn’t very good is it?” half way through the film. So my recommendation is to stay away. Not that that really matters because if you’re seeing it it’ll be for a kids sake and they won’t care.

Available from: Amazon • Amazon US

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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