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Daybreakers is set 10 years after a worldwide outbreak of Vampirism. Society has changed because almost everyone is now a vampire, humans are hunted and blood stocks are running low, the starving vampires are beginning to mutate in to “subsiders” – animalistic and uncontrollable vampires – who are beginning to attack “normal” citizens.
Edward Dalton, a haematologist, works for the worlds suppler of human blood trying to create a viable blood replacement, so vampires no longer need to drink human blood to survive. One night after a failed experiment he’s driving home and is in a car accident. It turns out the people in the other car are humans, and he helps them remain undiscovered when the police show up, and lets them go when the police leave. When he returns home we’re introduced to his brother, a human hunter, and the fact that Edward doesn’t drink human blood, but pigs are running out, too.

Later Edward is visited by one of the humans he saved, she invites him to a secret meeting where he discovers that there is a cure for vampirism and the humans want his help to discover how to safely implement it. But the meeting is interrupted by Edwards brother and a group hunting humans, then follows a somewhat stupid chase scene.
And basically that’s how the entire movie is, a somewhat dry and only slightly interesting movie, which, while it has some nice world building, never really capitalises on any potential it may have and leaves all interesting avenues unexplored. The details are good, underground walk ways for daytime travel. Car conversions to make them daytime safe with sunscreens and cameras to allow them to drive in daylight. Security systems that work the vampires when doors are ajar and when there’s UV so they can avoid exposure to sunlight. But overall it’s a somewhat dull, mediocre film, which seems to think gore makes up for its shortcomings.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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