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Got To Dance Final 2011

If you haven’t previously watched this show, Got to Dance is a dance competition open to all ages, all levels, and all styles of dance.

Prior to the final we saw some incredible dancers, and lots of very talented people who didn’t make it to the final who should of been there. So I found the final a little disappointed as some of the acts on show I knew wouldn’t be able to stand up and make the final an incredible spectacle as it should be.

Nevertheless the show had to go on and we saw 8 dance acts perform, and Davina revealed there will be a top 3 and each of the top 3 will have the opportunity to put on a show stopping final performance to solidify their championship potential.

Razzle Dazzle
First up are razzle dazzle who i didn’t expect to get to the final. They start in in the centre of the stage with a big projection behind them, they then break into the usual street dance routine with the breakers and the front and the ones in the center spinning a little. Then appear to switch it up to ice ice baby, but to be fair it’s only in music. they continue to do the simple street dance to me they just seems like a typical group of kids dancing basic street dance, worth £250,000 definitely NOT!. Nothing really stood out not top 3 material.

She is a contemporary dance her routine is described by judge Adam as “Gorgeous, just gorgeous!”. Right from the start I have loved her, her technique is incredible and just effortless movement; but her routine started out very strange for me, quick kicks out front and jittery movement, it makes her seem amateur in my opinion and she rushed so much of her performance. Her moves don’t come across as beautiful or elegant as her previous performances did, and we didn’t really see anything different from her, she is giving a big ballerina performance, but it seems as if we were watching in fast forward. I wasn’t impressed with this performance, she can do alot better.

Chris & Wes
These are a very talented street dance duo, their semi-final performance was outstanding and had a great story running through it. This final performance they came out with some great tricks, brilliant dancing all round, the comedy elements we’re really on the mark, from doing satire of girls coming across Ashley and Diversity in the street to remaking “don’t you” PCD song with their tops tucked in, all round fantastic performance. Whole stadium and the judges gave them a standing ovation this says everything! this duo are definitely top 3 material, very Twist and Pulse inspired but great performance.

Dance Dynamics
First thing is they look awesome in their cheerleader outfits! However that is the only positive I could gather. The whole routine didn’t really flow for me it seemed more like the circus acrobatic lifts in the centre of the stage and random dancing around them. It didn’t really come together, not a good dance performance, great acrobatics though. It definitely entertains I can’t take my eyes off the blonde girl who bends her leg somehow forward to the floor; its incredible to see them sort of tricks they bring but at the end of the day it’s a dance competition for quarter of a million pounds and this isn’t up to standard.

Now if you haven’t seen Turbo’s audition you must see this!. His shuddering is outstanding, nobody comes close to this. However again for the finale I found this performance to be a little bit sub-par, but it was still a great performance, for what he does he is incredible, his technical ability is outstanding, he brings a little bit of comedy and at least it’s something fresh for the competition. For me though it was alot of arm movements and I don’t feel it has the same flare as his shuddering. Don’t take all this as negative, he brings alot of positivity, it’s just hard to put into words as him in particular is a very visual act, doesn’t work so much in words, as it’s not what he does but how he executes it.

Two’s Company
Their previous performance we’re incredible, Kimberly described them as “2 little aliens, i’m not sure your human” due to their flexibility; their final piece however gained 3 red stars. I agree with the judges on this performances, it was like a rehash of their other performances and didn’t bring anything new, however i do recommend you see them perform the things they do are incredible and can not be matched in their field for flexibility and shapes their body gets into.

Trinity Warriors
These are in my opinion 1 of the best UK dance acts based on their previous performances. The final performance they are very together, flows not there though. The tricks are high risk, but are pulled off. At 1 point they throw the little boy across the stage and catch him, unlike their semi-final performance this didn’t have the story, it didn’t have the commitment and execution. I felt all round this just wasn’t very good. They have so much potential; but unfortunately this wasn’t on show tonight, I could see them been in trouble this evening as I didn’t like their performance and the judged seemed to agree, Adam even gave them a red star, this was a big surprise all round as their last performance was sensational.

These are a contemporary duo with incredible talent, for me these were the massive surprise in the competition. I didn’t expect them to bring something so incredible as their semi- final performance. Their final performance carried on their flawless performance, Alleviate tell a story through the medium of dance, stunning lifts, unmatched technique, choreography is phenomenal, I truly believe they’re in love on the state the emotion and passion radiating from the duo is captivating, the trust each of them show with 1 and other especially from Nicolette as at times she jumps back without looking into the arms of Renako. I Agree with Adam on every point the performance was just all round “Beautiful”.

Top 3 = Razzle Dazzle, Chris and Wes, Alleviat

Razzle Dazzle – Top 3 Performance
Much better then their first performance as it’s the routine they performed previously on the semi-finals. more technique and skill involved, better choice of music, more attitude, flows, has structure and some really great moments including a Titanic moment with Celine Dion .

Chris & Wees – Top 3 Performance
1 word describes this performance, Phenomenal. Again the act performed their semi-final piece, fantastic concept and story running through the routine, brilliant choices of song, comedy is done perfectly, and they do have excellent technique in street dance. I feel this performance is like a mega mix of their ability as they put on show all different elements of not only their dance repertoire but their personality.

Alleviate – Top 3 Performance
In my opinion and Ashley Banjo’s opinion this is the stand out performance of the series. Their dancing technique is just incredible, they make such technical moves seem like taping your feet to Run DMC. Perfect choice of song, their story fits perfectly with the lyrics, the song in question is “love the way you lie part 2” by Rihanna. when the chorus kicks in and the drums hit their performance matched the drums and takes off to another level.

We are then treated to a very special performance and a new routine from Diversity. Good? bad? more of the same? as i always expect this was again a brilliant performance from the premier UK street dance group.

THE 2011 WINNERS ARE CHRIS AND WES!!! – Very well done to them, very consistent, great dancers and a well deserved win.

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Got To Dance Final 2011, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Reviewed by Mowa on 27 February 2011

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