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Green Lantern (2D)

Green Lantern is one of those superheroes I know very little about. I’ve maybe seen him in a couple of episodes of Justice League but that’s a different Green Lantern and there’s very little backstory there to really give much information about the mythology of Green Lantern, so basically I had no real preconceived notions about Who, how and why Green Lantern’s origin story should play out. But from the trailers I have to say I thought it looked pretty rubbish and more than a bit whiny.

The story begins with a narration telling the story of the Guardians, an immortal race who oversee the universe and split it in to thousands of sectors and created the Green Lantern Corps to protect it with the Green Power of Will to fight evil. Evil being spread by their main adversary Parallax who uses the Yellow Power of Fear. Parallax was over powered and imprisoned one of the best Green Lantern’s ever. Then once the backstory is told there’s a quick sequence in “The Lost Sector” where a ship has crashed and the crew accidentally free Parallax and he sets off about his evil business once more.

Abin Sur sets out to confront an unknown evil that is spreading and discovers that it is Parallax and tries to send off a message to the Corps and warn them just as he’s attacked and has to launch an escape pod, only to be terminally wounded as he escapes, and his pod sets course for the nearest inhabited planet. Which is, of course, the Earth. On Earth we meet Hal Jordan, a test pilot who’s working who’s job it is to face off against a couple of AI drones in a dog fight to prove just how good they are. Only he does some reckless manoeuvres to prove the drones aren’t able to out-do a real pilot. Only then does he do his best Topper Harley impersonation and have dead daddy issues and almost kill himself, only to eject at the last minute.

Afterwards there’s a bit that seems to have no relation to the rest of the film with him at his nephews birthday party only to be whisked away by the Abin Sur’s ring of power. Abin Sur tells him that the ring has chosen him and he must put the ring on and say the oath in to the Lantern and become a Green Lantern. After getting home he tries but finds it’s not working, until the light shines on him and he recites the oath and takes on the power. Later he is taken to Oa to be trained as a Green Lantern.

Now Green Lantern is a comic book film and, you know what, it feels like a comic book film, in the worst sense. It’s cheesy, it’s unintentionally funny, despite having a big budget with big budget effects they get the little details wrong and it just doesn’t feel to quite stack up. The suit can be distracting with it’s animated sparkling and the mask, too, looks wrong. Add to that the there’s some dialogue that is quite cliched and I just feel that the film didn’t quite hit the mark.

There are some good bits, a few comedic moments that are meant to be funny and some well done action scenes. But overall Green Lantern left me with much the same feeling as Thor, mediocre and despite there being action it was boring. Not really a bad film just an uninteresting one.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 03 August 2011

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