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Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine is your basic middle age man buddy comedy, with time travel and 80’s nostalgia thrown in for good measure. The story starts off with a break up and an apparent, if accidental, suicide attempt. Which prompts 3 guys (Adam, Nick and Lou) and one geeky nephew (Jacob) to go on a skiing weekend to recapture their youthful partying and to show the nerdy nephew a good time. But when they get to the ski resort it’s a run down ghost town. In their room they discover a run down hot tub and the old scratchings they made in the furniture.
While they’re sat drinking with no real run to be had and Lou on the phone trying to hire a hooker to take all 4 guys on, the hot tub suddenly begins to work and they decide to pile in and get pissed and along the way spill many drinks on to the hot tubs controls. The next morning they wake up to discover things have changed, the resort is now lively and no longer run down. After skiing it dawns on them it is 1986 and they’re in their own younger bodies, except Jacob who occasionally fades in and out. And while talking to the hot tub’s repair man they decide they have to live the weekend like they did originally, retracing their steps exactly, which doesn’t exactly go to plan.

Like that really matters, as if anyone is seeing Hot Tub Time Machine for the heavy plot and characterisations. You’re going for the laughs and a dose of 80s nostalgia, which it delivers. There are some good laughs to be had here. Nods towards Back to the Future and really it’s just a bit of fun. Don’t go in expecting to much and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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