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Pros and Cons

iFlicks is designed for getting media into iTunes. With just five conversion options, it covers the four main platforms of Apple. iFlicks has fixed setting for iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV, which will take any video and make it compatible with those devices. If you just need video for playback on the Mac iFlicks will just either save the file as a Quicktime Movie or even as a reference file (which is super quick).

The output size (iPhone setting) for a 175MB avi video clip was slightly smaller than 152MB, but the video quality suffered. It looked just fine on the iPhone though. however, unlike VisualHub, iFlicks doesn’t have the option to turn off the H.264 encoding, which results in a slightly long conversion time (20 minutes for that video on my 2GHz iMac Core Duo). This is improved greatly with the use of the Elgato Turbo.264 HD.

iFlicks accepts any video that you can play with Quicktime. So if you have the latest Perian plugin installed, it’ll include most video formats you can find.

Since iTunes 8 creating meta tags has been easier but it’s still a pain. iFlicks automatically connects to for grabbing tag info. it is not as good as MetaX’s integrating with IMDB or TagChimp services, but it works. I did notice that it failed to grab poster frames for certain videos (even though it found the correct tags), but the developer claims that he’s working on that.

If iFlicks doesn’t automatically find the tags, you can help it find them by using the search tools. This works very well and I could find most of the tags this way. Of course, you can then manually edit the tags for each of the clips using the tag editor.

All things considered, I think iFlicks is the choice to get all your media automatically added to iTunes, tagged and organised. Even though it has a few rough edges, the UI is brilliant (the progress indicator inside the dock icon is just genius).

If your stocked about getting your media into iTunes and don’t care too much about tagging every aspect of your video files, iFlicks is the way to go.

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iFlicks, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Reviewed by Matt on 29 June 2011

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