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Iron Man 2

So Iron Man 2 picks up pretty much right where the first one left off, although in some Russian slum with a dying old man watching Tony’s announcement that he is Iron Man on the TV. He shouts of his son and tells him all he can give him is knowledge, then promptly dies and leave his muscle bound, genius of a son, Ivan, to create an Arc generator and weapon out of scrap and plot revenge on Stark, seemingly because his dad didn’t get the recognition for helping invent the Arc generator.

Meanwhile Tony Stark is presenting a keynotes speech at Stark Expo and nips off stage to show us he has slowly rising levels of blood toxicity. As things go on it’s spelt out for us that Tony is slowly dying due to the generator in his chest, which while keeping him alive, is poisoning his blood. And Tony is acting like he’s going to self destruct because of this. Heading off to the Monaco Grand Prix because he sponsors a team he decides what’s the point in owning a race car if you don’t get to race it and joins the race only to have Ivan jump out and attack half way round the circuit. After a quick scuffle that involves a chauffeur driven car and the Iron Man suit Ivan is arrested and Tony begins looking in to who Ivan and his father are.

There are also Senate hearings going on trying to make Tony hand over his “Iron Man Weapon” to the United States government for them to use in the military. They don’t trust Stark and have his leading competitor, Justin Hammer, there as an expert witness. Tony pretty much sticks two fingers up at the proceedings and leaves and to be honest I found almost everyone in this scene came across as annoying pricks.

I think my opinion of this film is a little lower than it should be. It’s not really a bad film, in fact it’s a lot of fun. I think I just set my expectations a little too high. The first film I didn’t expect much of but ended up loving so made me expect more from this film than it was ever going to realistically give. There’s a lot of fun action and character interaction. There are some good set pieces and it has the same feel as the first. So while there are some plot holes and just stupid stuff going on I’m going to add half a point to the score that I think I may otherwise unfairly knock off because of my own over-hyping of the film in my own mind, and to be fair, it is a comic book film so I can’t really hold shoddy science against it.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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