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Sometimes applications seem to offer very little enhancement to what you can already do in a given work flow, you look at certain applications thinking why would I possibly need that. Sometimes applications can be deceiving in what enhancements they truly provide and it is only throughout personal extensive use that you begin to appreciate the nuances and benefits they offer. LaunchBar most certainly falls into the latter category.

LaunchBar is the award winning multi-purpose tool which provides functionality to cater for launching applications & documents, managing contact, calendars, bookmarks and history with iTunes integration, searching the web and much more. It’s a file manger, a web and information browser and a tremendous time saver.

At the moment I have my dock crammed full of applications that I use almost daily, in fact I can’t come close to fitting all of my applications into the dock. LaunchBar overcomes this problem providing quick and easy keyboard access to any application on my Mac. One of the key characteristics of LaunchBar is it’s use of the keyboard for all functionality, it’s amazing how much time this can save when you become use to the keyboard shortcuts. Files can be renamed, images re-sized, scripts run – it really is an amazing time saver. A simple press of Command Space invokes the LaunchBar drop down panel into which all commands are entered, from there it’s a matter of key presses to execute any command. The application is also extremely intelligent remembering past choices and customising the actions list to the commands commonly used by a given user.

LaunchBar has revolutionised they way I deal with files, I can now open, move, copy rename and search files with a series of button presses without ever having to touch my mouse. I can compress files into zip archives, copy a section of text and remove the formatting, add iCal entries with having to lift my hands from the keyboard. Yes it may take a little while to get use to but believe me, once your start using LaunchBar you’ll find it very hard to ever operate your Mac again without it. Up until now I have been a stickler for having as many applications as possible in my dock and a lot of my currently active file on the desktop, LaunchBar has tided all of that clutter and made my work a lot smoother and organised. It comes highly recommend, a free 30 day trial is available which is not long enough to truly appreciate the power and LaunchBar costs €24.

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LaunchBar, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Reviewed by Matt on 04 February 2011

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