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Law Abiding Citizen

The story begins with a loving family. Little girl making trinkets for her parent. Daddy tinkering away. Mum doing something or other. Then comes a knock at the door, and daddy goes to answer it expecting a take away delivery. Bam baseball bat to the face and 2 bad guys come in to steal the family silver, stab dad, rape and murder mum, and kill little girl while dad blacks out.

Then comes the prosecution, and the ambitious, career hungry lawyer who’s only interest is his conviction rate… 96% in case you were wondering. He cuts a deal with the murder in order to make sure “some justice is served” or perhaps to keep his conviction rate high. You decide.

10 years pass and the murderers get murdered in some nasty ways, and it turns out daddy was exactly the wrong guy to piss off, and he uses his skills to make sure “justice is served” to every one involved in the case.

Now this may just be me but at this point I couldn’t give a shit. I can’t root for any of the characters involved, they’re all arseholes and I see no reason to think of any of them as innocent victims (except the wife and little girl at the start). And I’m getting kinda sick of the “you just pissed off the wrong guy” plot in films.

Though begin to think the film might be cleverer than it actually is when it seems like some of the lawyers are beginning to question whether they did the right thing, turns out this is just to make you feel something when they kark it.

All in all it’s rather a below average film, there are some entertaining moments and some attempts at humour. Although for me a lot of the humour fell flat, but it seemed to work for a lot of the audience. There are a lot of predictable moments and a few nits to pick. But there are some entertaining points and it’s not a complete disaster.

I wouldn’t rush out to see this, or spend a lot of money to see it, but if you’re bored it’ll kill a couple of hours.

Available from: Amazon • • Amazon US

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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