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Manny Pacquiao Vs Shane Mosley

Shane Mosley set out to take away Manny Pacquiao‘s WBO Welterweight Belt. The build up and hype for this fight has been insane, my Facebook feed has been daily updated from the Pacquiao page showing off their training videos best of, the hype went to a next level when the match up was put into an Manny Pacquiao Vs Shane Mosley energy drink, nobody besides Mosley’s camp had Pacquiao losing this fight.

The weigh in’s showed off just how in shape these fighters are. Going into the fight on appearance Mosley looked like the better of the 2, he looked really impressive and it was shaping up to be an incredible fight, with the added incentive that Mosley has never been KO’d Manny had something to aim for…

The fight started out very slowly, Pacquiao really seemed to be far too willing to fight at mosely’s pace and fell into the challengers game plan, this made for uneventful opening rounds, lots of feeling each other out waiting for a big counter punch to deliver a KO.

The fight seemed to be getting stale and for the first time I was semi-bored watching a Pacquiao fight, this seemed to be the impression of the onlooking crowd too as you could hear the overpowering boo’s in the arena. The fight didn’t really get going until the 3rd round when Pacquiao turned up the pace and mosely couldn’t handle the onslaught, we nearly had an early KO, but as the records show Shane doesn’t go out easy and he managed to stay in the fight.

After the exciting spell I thought Pacquiao was now in the driving seat and was going to bring it home, he was in a strong position to finish off sugar shane, but from round 5 until round 10 nothing really happened. Again, the crowd was extremely dissapointed and made themselves heard, everytime the crowd let out a huge boo Pacquiao would try and drive forward with a combination but he just wasn’t dedicated enough and didn’t keep up the pace or work rate. This was not the Pacquiao we expected to ever see, in recent years he has not only been a phenominal fighter he has been an entertaining fighter at high tempo.

The final 3 rounds had alot of excitement in them, but it needed a terrible decision by the referee to kickstart the action. Sugar seemed to grab Pacquiao and just throw him to the ground, the referee decided this was a knockdown and thus Pacquiao lost the round 10-8, from the moment Pacquiao was back to his feet you could see his whole outlook had changed and charged forward with his re-discovered killer instinct, for the next 2 rounds Mosley could only hold on an keep his hands up and push through the pain. It was a very respectable performance from sugar.

Everyone expected a Pacquiao win from the offset, the outcome was as expected, but the way the fight went was a surprise. I truly believe Pacquiao is the greatest boxer on the planet, but based on this performance he could run into trouble if he does face Floyd Mayweather Jnr in his next fight. Overall it was a disappointing, lackluster performance from Pacquiao, but a well deserved win. Sugar did really well to stay on his feet and survive until the end, he should be very proud of himself for doing so, at 39 this is a great achievement.

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Reviewed by Mowa on 08 May 2011

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