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Never Get a “Real” Job

Known by many as the “Simon Cowell of young entrepreneurship,” Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and small business writer.

In his new book, Never Get a “Real” Job: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Broke, Gerber teaches young people how to build income-generating businesses from the ground up without any investment dollars or resources.

A lot of business books hold your hand, make you feel good, and are set to convince you that your passion and “unique” business idea are enough to plow through your competition, garner new leads, and make millions just because you can write a business plan that says so.

This is not that kind of book.

“The ‘work hard, get good grades and go to college to get a job’ mantra is dead,” said Gerber. “If we don’t want Gen Y to become a lost generation, we must stop wasting time sending out resumes and, instead, start building real income-generating businesses that are capable of supporting us. It’s time for our generation to start creating our own jobs instead of begging others for them.”

A twenty-something hustler, rainmaker and bootstrapper who has survived and thrived despite never having held the proverbial “real” job, Scott Gerber is the ultimate “Generation Y-er.” A self-taught serial entrepreneur, Gerber has built several successful businesses without storied business connections, a business school background, executive training — or investment dollars. And in Never Get a “Real” Job, he shows you how he succeeded so you can overcome today’s chronic conditions of mass unemployment, underemployment, and dead-end 9-to-5s.

In an effort to reduce start-up and operating costs for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, Gerber has partnered with the following businesses and service providers: 99designs,, Animoto, Blog Talk Radio, Dim Dim, DocStoc, eFax,,, Freshbooks, Get Satisfaction, Grasshopper, Google AdWords, iContact, MoFuse, Moo, oDesk, Plum Choice,, PR Web,, Right Signature, Setster, ShoeBoxed, Shopify,, SlideRocket, Urban Interns, UserVoice,, Weebly, and Wufoo. Each of these companies will provide Never Get a “Real” Job readers with exclusive offers, discounts and/or free services.

But Gerber isn’t just giving you a collection of war stories. He gives you insights from a fellow young entrepreneur on how to start from absolutely nothing–building a viable business model from the ground up. Along with straight-shooting advice on creating contacts and cultivating clients, he gives practical, affordable, step-by-step instructions on how to constantly analyse, refine, and target your business offerings — while minimising wasted time and keeping you on track.

With vast resources to online tools, websites, checklists, and hard coaching, as well as thousands of dollars worth of connections to free and discounted small business services, Never Get a “Real” Job takes you off the unrewarding resume and cover letter cycle, while putting you on the road toward becoming a self-sufficient business owner, and creating a life that gives you a real shot at the success you deserve.

Available from: AmazonAmazon USiBookstore

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Reviewed by Matt on 13 July 2011

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