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New Moon (Twilight Saga)

I’m going to start by saying I have read the entire “Twilight Saga” and find them to be a bit of a guilty pleasure read. I recognise they’re not well written, but they did entertain me for a week and were somewhat compulsive reading despite the fact the characters annoyed me, and I disliked almost all of them. So I guess there may be points in this review where I comment on things that aren’t especially present in the film but are in the books.

When Twilight came out I was in hospital and only managed to see it at the start of the year, I thought it was terrible but the friends I saw it with didn’t seem to notice. I personally thought they’d managed to killed any sense of tension building up in the story before it had even begun and a badly written book became a badly made film. I don’t have the same complaint of New Moon, it’s just a better made film than Twilight was.

I won’t waste my time detailing any of the story because surely everyone who has the slightest interest in the film will already know of Bella, Edward and Jacob and their little love triangle. The thing is the story makes very little sense in the movies, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in the books when you have Bella’s inner monologue to make sense of it all but with this lacking in the movies it makes a lot of the character choices just seem bizarre, and the emotions on display are either lacking to the point of being unbelievable or incredibly self centred and immature, even for a teenager.

Bella seems to be a manipulative cow when it comes to both Edward and Jacobs emotions, Jacob seems to be a controlling stalker, and Edward is a weak willed passive aggressive. So none of the main characters are especially likeable people in my eyes. Add to that the fact that this “passionate” relationship barely has any emotions on show and the two lovers barely seem to be able to look each other in the eye and the entire premise of the story doesn’t seem to gel with what you see on screen.

There does appear to be some acting talent behind these mediocre performances though, in certain scenes this does show through despite the poor material they’re working with, and when the Volturi show up there is some strong acting from Michael Sheen who seems to enjoy being Aro and the role of villain. Dakota Fanning manages to make an impression with her small amount of screen time too.
All in all it does seem to be a better constructed film than Twilight was, but it begins to drag way too early in the film, and I found myself checking my watch at least 5 times during the 2 hours 10 minutes of running time. This all said, my niece turned to me at the end and said “That was really good”, and being a 13 year old girl it seems it will satisfy its target audience

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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