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Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday

Let me start off by saying before listening to the album fully I wasn’t a fan of any member of ‘Young Money’ I especially feel lil’ Wayne is absolutely a disgrace to the state of rap and young money are pretty much copy cats of his style due to his ridiculous success.

This been said I went into this album expecting a porn star looking, female lil wayne with no real skills to speak of. However I was pleasantly surprised as this album is in my opinion 1 of if not the best album to date by any female rapper.

I’m The Best
Beat is very melodic while the drums bang hard when turned up loud. When it comes to lyrics Nicki goes in hard.  “Tell the bitches to get a stick I’m done leading the blind” while this is primarily a track to try stamp her authority as the new “queen bee”. She also touches on her personal life “I remember when I couldn’t buy my mother a couch”. Flow-wise Nicki bangs hard with rapid raps and handles the singing on the chorus very well which I must say is very catchy.

Romans Revenge Feat. Eminem
If your reading this you will of no doubt already heard this. Nicki is like a pitbull off it’s leash flow is ridiculous, hardest raps from a female since Lil’ Kim going hard with Biggie. Eminem fucking destroys this! nobody contends with his flow; Beat is simple so lets the artists flow over it with no overpowering distraction. “Ra Ra like a dungeon dragon” will be stuck in your head for the next week; overall great track both artists bring their A-Game.

Did It On ’em
This for me is the weakest song on the whole album, beat is really annoying. lyrics are so obnoxious its barely listen-able, this is the type of shit I was expecting for the whole album. Lil wayne copy cat. slow. boring. lacking substance. But I give props were due she does have some nice multi’s and lines but it just so generic and rubbish its the only track I skip.

Right Thru Me
This is the first all out commercial track on the album and I must say well done. This is the track I heard in Lil Kim’s diss track and it got caught in my head and lead me to listen to the album fully. Really infectious beat, brilliant flow, great lyrics,  Nicki really shines on this track it’s 1 of them tracks that pulls you in and gets you swaying your head even on the bus.

Fly Feat. Rihanna
Starts out with Rihanna’s unmistakeable voice you instantly know this is going to be a Hit. But with the drum loops pretty much borrowed from the opening track (yeah I caught that) typical Rihanna and Nicki’s raps dont really push the track anywhere it’s kind of a try hard track, not the best from Rihanna or Nicki; but a decent track nonetheless.

Save Me
Nicki primarily sings on this track which is a nice change of pace for the album, it has some strange random DnB type breaks, but its a really nice toned down track Nicki can hold her own singing as well as rapping. It’s a inspirational type track with it’s message and story “This time won’t you save me; i’m giving up”.

Moment 4 Life (Feat. Drake)
BANG! this track here is exactly why I love this album. Great raps, great chorus, great feature and a nice simple beat to let the artists breathe. Drake really shines on this type of track with some nice punchlines “Niggaz wanna be friends how coincidental/This was supposed to be your year? we ain’t get the memo“. Nicki really puts on show her skills here too Both verses impact nice on the track and a nice soft accessible chorus. Best track on the album in my opinion.

Check It Out Feat Will I Am
AUTO TUNE ALERTreally heavy as expected with any will i am feature these days. I find the sample pretty annoying, but its a single so it needs a gimmick I guess. As I am anti-auto-tune I really don’t like this track as much as I could of done. Please will i am shut up with this crap; The saving grace if any is again miss minaj is really creative wit her flow.

Blazin Feat. Kanye West
Rapid-Fire raps, with slower raps, catchy chorus (This is how you sample will i am) sung by Nicki. Kanye does his usual thing switches up the track nicely with some clever lines “I got 2 white Russians; but we also need some drinks” haha. Has all the elements to be a single and become a hit, overall a good track but could of done more with Kanye’s creativity and Nicki’s coming together.

Here I Am
This is Nicki showing off her lyricism, the beat is a nice pace with some nice drum kicks to give it a military style in parts so allow nicki to go hard, this track for me Nicki sounds like EVE in a good way though it’s not a copy cat, she just has the hunger and forcefulness of her words, but then goes delicate with singing parts.

Dear Old Nicki
Biographical track so you expect piano’s soft drums and slow descriptive lyrics; that is exactly what you get here. Brilliant track; I love that she takes the album in yet another direction and shows another side to her. Inspirational track coming from bad times in her life to meeting Wayne and getting her big break. She also takes a shot at people doubting her in the past Fuck The Media They Ridiculed You, Never Believed In Ya”; Definitely 1 of the stand out tracks.

Your Love
Pretty simple concept anyone could do a track like this really lol simple beat, Annie Lennox sample becomes annoying if you play the track too much but also stays in your head and has you singing it lol not the best track on the album in anyway, but its a decent track and shows something different atleast.

Last Chance Feat. Natasha Bedingfield
Closing out the album a really catchy, well crafted track, faster beat then the rest of the tracks, great raps she gets a bit hyped in parts which aren’t really needed, but she has a nice flow and lyrics are on point with Natasha bedingfield providing a chorus for the radio, Nicki’s raps are consistant in quality and overall its a creative track with a nice break for the key change.

Conclusion: I found this album captivating at times, It’s extremely creative with it’s blend of sounds, on point flow, nice lyrics, production is top notch as i would of expected as even lil wayne has great production value. If the auto-tune was dropped and a couple of tracks it would of got 5 stars! I would highly recommend this to all; especially females surprisingly; she may look like a “Black Barbie” but don’t let that fool you. This album is very much done for the females; Nicki tries to stand up for the girls and show girls can do it too and create tracks girls can relate to; in addition she also bring in guys with features from Eminem and Drake, Minaj continuously shows skills on the mic and gives it all, it’s a no holds barred approach. Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Succeeds in every department and has propelled her into becoming the greatest female of this generation if not ever, only time will tell if she can keep up this consistency.

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Reviewed by Mowa on 29 January 2011

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