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Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

So the first film to actually have been filming in 3D since Avatar has hit the screens in the form a Paul Anderson film and that probably says a lot of the review for me, but whatever I’ve got bullshit to spout.

The story picks up where Extinction left off, or at least I’d guess since I haven’t seen Extinction. Alice has headed off to Tokyo to take revenge on Umbrella and for some reason there’s about 15 of her taking down the secret underground lair where Wesker is apparently in charge. After apparently killing hundreds upon hundreds of Umbrella’s security forces and staff 2 of her dive head first right through the centre of the underground lair and attack Wesker only for him to kill them and escape. All with many “Look at us, we’re 3D” shots, which take you out of the action more than anything.

As Wesker escapes in a helicopter he “Purges” the entire area with some kind of implosion bomb or something. With some incredibly cheap looking shots, I’m not exactly sure why they look cheap they just do. Then Alice walks up behind him and lets him stab her with a T-Virus antidote or something that takes her powers away and “makes her human again” while he is “What she used to be but better”, just then they crash in to a mountain side and we get a “Lookit! 3D!” shot with the crash frozen and the camera pans about the helicopter looking at the flames and Alice frozen in the air and we get to see the boom, then Alice walking away looking pretty much ok apart from a bit of a limp. So why we’re supposed to think Wesker died and she got her revenge I’m not sure.

Cut to her in a plane flying to Alaska to meet up with Claire and friends on a promised safe haven that you just know doesn’t exist, where she’s attacked by Claire, who in a cheap plot device has been drugged and lost her memory so Alice ties her up and they fly off to new adventures and fun in a prison in LA.

So basically the cheap plot device sums up the entire film really, it feels cheap and unoriginal. The action is repetitive and the dialogue is occasionally cringe-worthy and the characters are walking clichés. Tie this up with the predictable plot twists and you’ve got the usual Paul Anderson package. And for a zombie film the zombies have surprisingly little screen time, and half of what they have is milling round the fence of the prison looking not particularly menacing because they’re not smart enough to know how to climb the wall, yet some how worked out how to tunnel under it.

Basically, unless you’re looking for some Shooty-Shooty-Arse-Kicking-Girl action skip it, it’s not even worth it for the zombie action.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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