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I’m going to start this review by saying Rio was a film I didn’t intend on seeing. You see I’ve never really liked the Ice Age films, so the “From the makers of Ice Age” tag was something that put me off rather than made me more likely to see it. Also those horrible Orange “Gold spot” ads at the start of every film I’ve seen for the past 3 or 4 months, which had not a single laugh in them, convinced me that I didn’t want to see the film. So we come to Sunday afternoon and my nieces decided they wanted to see Hop but after a mix up Rio was the film they decided to see.

The film begins with a bright and colourful song and dance routine with the birds of the jungle, and we meet a Blu, a baby Blue Macaw parrot, he begins dancing along with the other birds and falls from his nest, unable to fly he just falls. Just then poachers start capturing all the birds and Blu falls in to a net and is shipped off to America to be sold in a tropical bird shop. Along the way an accident causes his cage to fall from the truck and he’s left in the snow in Minnesota. When a young girl called Linda finds him he becomes her life long companion, as seen in a quick montage.

Then we see Linda and Blu years later, when Linda is grown up and running a bookshop. They have a morning routine and Blu still can’t fly but enjoys dunking biscuits in hot chocolate, he is extremely domesticated, with the birds outside mocking him while he dunks his biscuits, but while he’s doing this a ornithologist from Brazil happens to be passing by the window and notices Blu. It turns out that Blu is the only male Blue Macaw left and they have the only female and want Linda to bring Blu to Rio so they can save the species, and after initially saying no Linda changes her mind and she and Blu fly off to Rio to save the species. Once there Blu is put in with Jewel, the female Macaw, who it turns out is very much not domesticated. Blu immediately falls for Jewel but she resents being in captivity and is determined to escape, and so the film goes.

The characters are voiced by Jesse EisenbergAnne HathawayRodrigo SantoroBebel Gilberto,Jamie Foxxwill.i.amTracy MorganGeorge LopezJake T. AustinLeslie MannJemaine ClementJane Lynch.

So what to say about the film, well I’ll say this, it’s definitely not a bad film. It’s very colourful, very detailed and is a true family film with jokes for adults and jokes for kids. There was a row of young kids in front and they were giggling and dancing and having all the right reactions in all the right places, and adults laughing at jokes which were for them but not rude or inappropriate for kids, which made the film all the more enjoyable I felt. I have to admit I didn’t expect much and that could have meant me having an unkind view of it but it I came out having enjoyed it. It wasn’t a classic animated film and I probably wouldn’t buy it on DVD but it’s certainly enjoyable and the younger kids in the screening, plus my teenaged nieces seemed to love it. So definitely an Easter Holidays film you can take the whole family along to.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 15 April 2011

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