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Salt is pretty much what you expect from the previews. No, exactly what you expect from the previews. Your first impression probably tells you everything you need to know about the film, including the entire story. I only got 1 detail wrong out of my predictions before the film started.

Our introduction to Evelyn Salt is as a battered and beaten woman being thrown to the floor of a North Korean jail cell in her bra and knickers being tortured. They’ve captured her and believe she’s a CIA spy, which of course she is. We then see her being released in a prisoner swap, and discover she would have been left if not for a man making a fuss about it when the CIA didn’t need the publicity. Cut to now and it’s Evelyn’s anniversary and she wants to get home to her husband, when a Russian FSB officer walks in and offers them information, so Evelyn and her partner are roped in to interrogate him. He tells them a story of a Russian spy master and a project to make sleeper agents, and tells them that Evelyn Salt is a Russian spy.

From here the action unfolds, Evelyn goes on the run, they give chase and we get flashbacks to tell us how things worked out this way. Pretty basic stuff for this sort of film. It’s not really engaging, full of the usual clichés and predictable plot twists and turns. I’m sat here trying to think of something good to say about the film, but I’m having a hard time, even the action was unremarkable. That’s not to say it was a particularly bad film, because nothing really jumps out at me as terrible, but the same can be said for anything good.

So it’s an unremarkable film, with nothing to sing it’s praises and nothing to really damn it beyond it being so predictable. I’d say give it a miss.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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