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slaughter ep
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Slaughterhouse – The Slaughterhouse EP

If you don’t currently know who slaughterhouse are, trust me by this time next year you will know everything about them and may even call them the greatest thing in rap; you will say this because to be honest who can be compared with these 4 wordsmiths on their day? Eminem? Jay-Z? Nas? Wu-Tang Clan? The Lox? only the elite rappers can hold their own up against Slaughterhouse.

Slaughterhouse are made up of 4 lyrical emcees – Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz.
Slaughterhouse are currently signed to SHADY Records and will be releasing a full length album later this year.

Let it be known, we never known for been average// in our prime like a corleone reinactment//when it comes to talent we the Jacksons

We kick off the EP with the song ‘Back On The Scene’ which is an in your face rock inspired track, which at times reminds me of ‘Onyx’. Beat is hard Royce Da 5’9 opens up the track with his usual flawless flow and lyricism. Next up is Crooked I who bring his ‘Gangsta MC’ style; his flow is on point as usual, no real stand out lines though. Now Joell Ortiz comes nice as always some nice lines but nothing to really mention specifically, finally we have Joe Budden who actually doesn’t get outshined on this track definitely starting to fit into the group more but again no real stand out lines. Overall Royce brings the best verse, good track but they can do much better.

I point a pistol at your mamma mia//i’m sick as Tyson in the ring at the Colosseum with Gonorrhea

Sun Doobie
Production comes from Mr. Porter with a unquestionable Dr Dre inspired beat. Joell kicks off the track with a nice line and continues to murder the beat throughout his verse; obnoxious type of rap but in a semi-comedic way, good verse. Royce is up next with a clever line to start “snatch your vocal chords out and plug them in my wall/ you a knife in a gun fight, our shit is raw” punchlines come out of Royce so effortless another good verse. On the pathetic chorus consisting of “wooo wooo woo” you get a “shady” sample to show they are now officially shady. Budden comes very strong on this rapid multi’s hes goin in on this, Crooked crashes in with the best lines on the song 1 can be seen above and he follows that straight up with “fuck you R&B bitches, SHUT UP you not Aaliyah” “when Mr. Porter record a piano/producers may wanna order some ammo” and more lines such as “We re-invent the wheel to have a good year/ and your tired [tyred]” make this a classic Crooked I Verse. To conclude they all came good except Crooked I he came EXCEPTIONAL he destroys this track!

I’m about to rob the hardest nigga out here, yes im on my joker shit// I keep a Heath Ledger for the joke of it

Everybody Down
Track starts out horribly; Joey re-singing Puff Daddy “as we proceed, to give you what you need” why copy this crap? slaughterhouse are better then that. Anyways Royce smashes threw with the quote seen left; this is another solid verse from the ever so consistent 5’9. Crooked I again bangs straight from the first word with another great verse. Budden hits with a fuck everything type verse “I get on my I don’t give a fuck tip/ fuck the money, fuck the wealth, fuck your label, fuck your lyrics, you’ll sit on the fucking shelf.” very solid verse from Joey who again is shining on this EP. Joell inpacts the track with “y’all just heard my man snap this is rubber band rap” and continues to produce punchlines in rapid succession.

What’s the matter cat got your tongue, your words so fake they collapsed in your lung/put some bass in your voice like you snacked on a drum

Put Some Money On It [Remix] [Feat. The Lox]

This track is basically a Slaughterhouse vs the Lox track it really sounds like a battle track with it’s back and forth style and rapid fire raps and very punchline heavy. Sheek Louch starts the track off with a typical sheek verse sharp lyrical and nice flow and provides 1 of the stand out lines “They said yo you really gonna sign with puff? I said i’d love to aslong as diddy fucks off”. Joell then comes in as if he was sheeks competition with rapid lines including the line featured right. Jada come in with his instantly recognisable voice and amazing laugh, flow same as ever, it’s a typical generic Jada verse, pretty boring really. Styles switches it up a little and brings The Lox back into the race with many nice punchlines and great flow. Crooked then screams “SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!” as if to tag them in; Royce then smashes this track from his opening line “slaughter gonna be running you over, over a century/ you ain’t 1 of the Lox you don’t flow nowhere near me.” flow is flawless lines are very nice, great verse for Royce. Crook then lyrically uppercuts The Lox setting up a finisher for Joey to finish them off, his flow is crazy and brings his usual level of lyricism. As mentioned Budden finishes off the track and does it nicely to solidify Slaughterhouse are matched by no group in rap. Slaughterhouse completely outshine The Lox, good track to show off each crews skills unfortunately the Lox turned up as the equivalent of a knife to a gun fight.

Your dealing with some intelligent creatures, I don’t touch guns I draw with telekinesis

Fight Club [Remix]
Track starts with a reworded nod to the film ‘Fight Club’ but here there is only 1 rule “No rules.” The track then kicks in with Rapid-fire punchlines and tag-team style raps going back and forth between each member of slaughterhouse this track really shows the world how moulded together this group is, brilliant track great concept, great lyrics I don’t want to quote any as this would go on for days. Almost every line is a great punchline, this track is what slaughterhouse is all about. even though this is a revamp of an older song by them it’s a great addition to the EP.

Back in Cali’ niggaz blaze and stress/ Waitin’ on Detox to save the west/ Even if the shit is dope it ain’t giving you niggaz hope/ Unless your signatures wrote on the cheque from Interscope…NOPE

Move On [Remix]

This is another track been re-hashed same verses as previous, but the huge change is the beat which i actually really enjoyed, has such a soft melodic piano running through and great choir harmonies in parts but the drums kick in to compliment the harder lyrics and really go hand in hand with the phenomenal lyricism on show. Each rapper has 32 bars instead of the usual 16, and every single member puts in effort and really shine and bring their words to life with raw emotion and punchlines not too overpowering or distracting, everything just flows like a tranquil ocean.
This for me is the only track nobody outshines the other members, each are interchangeable for greatest member, every verse my thoughts were this is the best, then the next starts and I think that 1 is. Phenomenal song if you want to hear the deeper side of slaughter this is the 1 for you.

Conclusion: This shows all sides of Slaughterhouse, anybody who hears this and doesn’t think they’re as strong as Wu-Tang or completely outshine The Lox and other groups I must be hearing something different as in my opinion this is a flawless EP. The group get stronger and stronger with every release, make no mistake Slaughterhouse are going to take over rap in 2011. Coming from the SHADY camp instantly makes them accessible to even the lowest end of rap fans as everybody loves Eminem and if he says it’s good many will follow without even hearing it. Overall this shows rap is alive and well lyricism on show in every song, flow is perfect, I have no complaints at all; Crooked I for me really shows he is the strongest member of the group alongside Royce Da 5’9 every verse I hear from them has me listening so closely. Highly recommend this to any rap fan especially if your bored of all the commercialised shit that is out there.

Stand Out’s: Crooked I on Sun Doobie, Fight Club & Move On.
Although Slaughterhouse really outshining lyrical kings in The Lox is something to be witnessed too.

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Slaughterhouse - The Slaughterhouse EP, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Reviewed by Mowa on 02 February 2011
  1. Dan G says
    02 Feb 11, 11:22pm

    This EP is as good as was promised, all 4 members are lyrical beasts and showcase their wares on this, if you don’t know them then i beg of you LISTEN TO THEM AND FORGET THAT COMMERCIALISED RINGTONE CRAP RAP THAT’S OUT THERE – this is where real lyricism still belongs

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