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It was while looking for an easy to create and manage a website that I first came across SmugMug, I have to admit that the name almost put me off looking further, which would have been a mistake.

SmugMug offered what I was looking for, I could build and update galleries of photographs quickly and easily, I could customise the look to match my branding and I could show or hide individual galleries which I knew my clients would love. I could also upload unlimited photographs without extra charges.

It seemed that SmugMug could offer even more than I was originally looking for.

As I could sign up for a free trail without a credit card I decide to give it a try.

With little effort, or skill, I have built a website based on the templates, including information pages, public galleries and password protected galleries for clients. A visit to the excellent forum taught me how to add my logo and customise the look of the galleries and pages. If your whiling to put the effort in you can do a lot with the customisation options. I should also add that the tech support is the best that I have had anywhere.

I use my own domain with SmugMug but they do also provide a address if you wish. If I wanted to I could remove the SmugMug branding and order prints, I could also add 1080p video and utilise the unlimited bandwidth, the list goes on.

But the very best thing for me is my images are now backed up off site, like most photographers (I hope) I backup my images, I use external hard drives but ensuring that photographs are also stored off site is tricky or would be without SmugMug.

I usually undertake photographic commissions on location without my clients begin present, when I get back to the office I run the photographs through Aperture and then upload the full resolution versions to SmugMug. When the client has selected the images they need I issue ‘store credits’ for them to download the full resolution images in their own time. It is actually easier to do than describe.

I am impressed with the features that SmugMug offers, the support and great value for money. If you need a easy to set up good looking website for photos and video, SmugMug should be the first place that you look.

If you signup with the following coupon code you’ll get $5 off: KaxUuEHSdZTDM.

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Reviewed by Matt on 25 February 2011

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