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St. Trinian’s 2

I’m not sure I really have that much to say about St. Trinian’s 2, It’s a fairly standard Family Comedy film, they’ve tamed the innuendo since the first, but there’s still some of it there. It’s not a great story, not that you’d really expect it to be, but it is a fairly fun family film.

The story starts with a little bit of swashbuckling, and the story of a Fritton ancestor who was a pirate and stole treasure from Lord Pomfrey, who wanted to use the wealth to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I because “A Woman can’t do a man’s job”. He swears to take revenge if it takes 20 years or 420 years. Fast forward 420 years and a new term is starting at St. Trinian’s and one of the girls has been offered £20,000 to find a ring in The Fritton Archive, which it turns out is a clue to where the legendary Fritton Gold may be.
And so begins the adventure of the film. All in all it’s a fairly innocuous film, with very little that stands out. There are a few laughs, and it is entertaining enough but also fairly forgettable. David Tennant does seem to enjoy his role as the baddie and for all they’re in the trailers Sarah Harding and Gemma Arterton only have small roles in the film, Montserrat Lombard and Zawe Ashton have much bigger roles than either of them.

Overall taken as a bit of fun it works and kills an hour and 45 minutes, but don’t go in looking for any more than that.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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