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Tangled is Disney’s latest “Classic” and is a retelling of the Rapunzel story. Though as you expect nowadays it’s CG animation and in 3D rather than traditional 2D animation. It’s also reportedly a very expensive film, so I guess Disney are betting big on it for the future of their classic fairy tales, and it’s a good bet because this is a really good family film and well worth seeing for all the family.

The story begins with a lying voiceover, well that’s how my niece put it. Flynn Rider gives us the backstory. One day the sun gave the world a present of a single drop of sunlight that created a magical flower, which an evil old woman, Gothel, found and used to restore her youth. Meanwhile a kind King and Queen are having a baby, but the Queen is sick and dying so they send out people to search for the flower to save her life. Which it does, but the baby is born with glowing, magical hair. So as you’d expect the Gothel comes to steal the baby and locks her away in a tower so only she can have access to her hair, which she uses to keep her young for the next 18 years.

Meanwhile every year on the young Princess’s birthday the King and Queen release hundreds of flying lanterns in hopes the Princess will one day be able to follow them home.

Then we meet Flynn Rider as he’s stealing the Princess’s crown from the castle, and decides he likes the view and wants a castle, before having to run from the guards. During the chase he finds a tower and hides in it, only to get pummelled over the head with a frying pan by Rapunzel. And that’s how the story gets going. It’s also how we discover Rapunzel’s hair and frying pans have many uses.

I’m struggling to find things to say about the film itself. The animation is good, as you’d expect from a big budget Disney film. The songs, mostly and unfortunately, induce eye rolling, though there are a couple of exceptions none are classics. The story itself is a nice retelling of Rapunzel, though not exactly the story you remember, and it’s got a lot of chuckles and a couple of proper laughs there, though most of those come from the animals, and these are the non-talking variety, Maximus the palace horse and Pascal the chameleon. Between those 2 animals there’s more character on display than all of the human characters combined.

Maybe I’m becoming disillusioned with 3D after seeing so many 3D films in the last year but I see no reason for this film to be 3D at all, so if possible you might as well save the money and go with the 2D version, it’ll be brighter and less distracting that way.

So overall it’s good family fun, it was enjoyed by both me and my nieces, so there is something there to enjoy for all ages. I have to say it’s by no means one of Disney’s best, though it is better than most of the stuff they put out in the years before John Lassiter took over as Chief Creative Officer when they were putting out mostly unnecessary and rubbish sequels. Take the kids this weekend and enjoy.

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Tangled, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Reviewed by Kevin on 03 February 2011

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