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The Descent Part 2

The Descent, for anyone who hasn’t seen it (and if you haven’t and you’re a horror fan you should), was a 2005 British horror movie about a group of women who go cave diving in an unexplored cave system and run in to trouble in the form of underground-dwelling things. I won’t say much more about it in case people want to look it up.

Anyway, The Descent Part 2 picks up where The Descent left off with only minimal retconning. The story picks up with Sarah being found at the side of the road having escaped the cave system. Then we find out there’s a rescue attempt going on to find the women, although they’re looking in completely the wrong place. The Sheriff and his deputy decide to look in on Sarah and find out what she knows. Although it turns out Sarah has amnesia and has blocked the events in the cave out of her memory. The Sheriff become suspicious of this, and the fact she was covered in blood that’s the same blood type as her friend, so he insists on taking her back down in to the cave so she can maybe send them in the right direction and help the search.

So Sarah, the cave rescue team, the middle aged Sheriff and his claustrophobic deputy go back in to the cave to rescue anyone who may have survived. Basically the Sheriff is just there to make stupid decisions and be antagonistic, which I have to say I found rather annoying. And as things go on the team get picked off one by one. If you saw The Descent it’s pretty much more of the same but with enough difference that it makes it a worthwhile experience, and there’s a nice little surprise at the end.

Overall I can’t say I was particularly disappointed in the film, although I do think the first one is the better of the two. If you enjoyed the first you should enjoy this.

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The Descent Part 2, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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