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The Devil Inside

Going into the film I had read numerous opinions, most of which were describing the film as great, terrible, a waste of time or just simply poor. Based on what I had read I wasn’t expecting too much.

The film started out with Isabella looking to investigate the world of exorcism this instantly drew me in as I love things of this nature. Isabella is followed all the way through the film by Michael, who is documenting the whole experience and we see the film from his viewpoint for alot of the film. We quickly see that Isabella’s mother Maria is a very dangerous woman who had previously killed 3 people. We later discover Maria killed these people while they were performing an exorcism on her. This is where the basis of the film is gained, Isabella sets out to find out everything in regards to exorcism  as she doesn’t fully believe in this practise or supernatural practises and hopes to clear her mothers name.

Isabella flys out to Rome and quickly finds an exorcism class provided by priests, you know because they’re everywhere and it’s very easy to turn up and join. As the class ends we see a tape of an exorcism and we get the first jumping moment, which did scare me a little, so the cheap scares do work here.

Upon leaving the class she makes friends with 2 priests who attend the class, David and Ben. David is very Religious where as  Ben is glad to put the church aside in order to help people, my kind of priest. Here the 2 priests invite Isabella to join them in an exorcism as that’s the best way to gain experience and understand fully, nothing too dangerous huh.

We then get to see our first exorcism been performed, and I must say I found the whole scene very uncomfortable and extremely creepy, as she starts out all twisted and you see the bones twist and pop back into position, within this scene there is also bleeding from the vagina area and thrusting and filthy language, it is a very well done scene and at this point I honestly couldn’t understand all the negative feedback the film received.

The obvious next step is the priests visit Isabella’s mother in her institution and they start the process of analysing if she is in fact possessed, at first it seemed she isn’t, but the inevitable happens and the devil comes out and throws people across the room and generally attacks everyone in the room, this was a much more typical approach of showing an exorcism.

Upon leaving the hospital David begins to act different and appears to be getting taken over by something (yep the devil), he is then called to do a baptism and this is where the film delivers 1 of the most uncomfortable and no doubt a scene meant to shock everybody, we see David drowning the baby and looking directly towards Michael who is filming the baptism. David then goes back home and it quickly develops into a stand off between the 2 priests, as David has gone insane. In the commotion of this Isabella is shot and David comits suicide right into camera, again another hard to watch scene. Upon admittance to the hospital Isabella begins to go crazy herself and it has become clear the devil has passed to her from david and Ben does all he can to restrain her and Ben and Michael eventually get Isabella into the car and they proceed to drive to the head of Ben’s priesthood Father Gallow, however they do not reach their destination Isabella comes to her senses and begins to attack Ben and Michael, they eventually crash.

Credits role, thats it. TOTAL DISSAPOINTMENT RIGHT? I wrote this review in this fashion so you would get the feel of “IS THAT IT?” I have never seen an audience upon a film ENDING, stand up and collectively boo. Until the ending I was really enjoying the film so I would Suggest renting or borrowing from a friend as it is not worth anybodies money, but worth watching for the scare/creepy scenes.

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Reviewed by Mowa on 25 March 2012

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