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The Expendables

So what to say about this film? It looks like a gimmick on paper, all the big action stars of yesteryear making at least a cameo in a Sly Stallone action blockbuster, and you know what? It really is. There is nothing about this film that is worthwhile. The plot is virtually non-existent, I know that is to be expected from a dumb action film, but it really doesn’t work even on that basis. The plot revolves around The Expendables, a group of mercenaries who do the jobs no one else wants to. Pretty standard action movie fayre there I suppose. They’re hired to over throw a dictator on a small island in a scene with Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, which features the biggest laugh in the film, at least in the cinema I was in.
That’s where the story really starts, Sly and Statham fly off to the island to meet a contact who will supply them with information, it just so happens the contact is the dictators daughter. They discover the General is a puppet for an ex-CIA agent and when they’re discovered thanks to an ex-expendable who was thrown off the team at the start of the film we get a big action scene with a chase and some ‘splosions., the contact decides she’s staying on the island because it’s where she belongs and The Expendables decide it’s not their problem. Later after some soul seaching Sly decides he has to go back to the island and rescue her, and we get some more action, and the rest of the team decide they’re going with him, then we get some more action… But despite trying hard this action is boring, all of it is.

So basically this entire movie tries too hard and falls flat because of it. It tries to have one liners that get nothing more than a chuckle, it tries to have exciting action sequences with cool ‘splosions, but they’re boring, it tries to have a romantic sub-plot but you just don’t care, it tries to have a little bit of drama and it is probably the best acting in the film from Mickey Rouke but that is just one short scene and it has you rolling your eyes because one speech from a supposed long time friend makes him change his mind when he already knew the whole story. It’s a huge let down, for dumb action The A-Team is a much better choice, I find it hard to believe it’s been getting good reviews.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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