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The Green Hornet 3D

I’ve avoided seeing The Green Hornet because of the fact it was filmed in 2D and converted to 3D yet there were no 2D showings of it at the local cinema. But last night I was bored and decided I would see it in 3D anyway. Even as it starts, with a young boy holding a superhero figure out of the car window so it looks like it’s flying the 3D looks notably flat. Not a good start really, but that really could describe the film as a whole. Notably Flat…

So the movie starts with young Britt Reid being taken to his fathers office for a telling off, he’s been fighting at school while trying to save a girl, but his dad wants to hear none of it, it’s Britt’s job to take care of himself while his father takes care of running his newspaper. We skip forward 20 years to find Britt has become a playboy who parties, drinks and womanises his time away, while his father crusaded with his newspaper. In this section there is sequence where Britt takes a woman in to his father garage and they move from car to car making out, it’s speeded up and all it needed was some yakety sax and it would have been a Benny Hill sketch.

The next morning his father berates him for getting in the papers with his drunken antics while he was doing a story about a crime wave through the city. Later as he complains about his father to a woman in the back of his limo they pull up to the house to find it surrounded by news people and he discovers his father has died from an allergic reaction to a bee sting and after becoming the beneficiary of his father’s will he fires all of his staff at the house and then is put out to find his morning coffee isn’t great. Which leads him on to finding Kato, his father’s mechanic and coffee maker, and after Kato shows him everything his father had him make, bullet proof car, reinflating tyres, wheel rims that work as weapons, they bond over how his father was a dick and head off to cut the head off a statue that was put up in honour of him.

During this they run in to a gang mugging a couple in the street and a fight ensues. After the risk of the fight this inspires Britt to try and find a way to fight the crime and corruption in the city and thus The Green Hornet and his unnamed side kick are born.

This film is a bit of a strange one, I mean we have Seth Rogen being Seth Rogen as he is in so many films and the same goes for Cameron Diaz. Christoph Waltz doesn’t show any of the flair he did in Inglourious Basterds but he does all right. There are a few scenes with a good directorial flair but not really enough considering what you’d expect from Michel Gondry. When it comes to the action that’s mostly passable with a couple of good scenes, the comedy not so much. I can’t say I had a proper laugh out loud moment in the entire film, there was a few giggles and a few smiles but the comedy isn’t great. So it fails on both the action and the comedy, which isn’t really good for an action comedy film. And when it comes to the 3D effect there’s very little worthwhile there, in fact I’m not sure if it was just me but some scenes seemed so badly that at times there is a double image even with the glasses on.

So yeah, as I said at the start notably flat about covers it. Kick-ass is a much better action comedy film about a normal guy who decides to become a superhero, while this is a mediocre film, with a badly done 3D conversion, save it for DVD if you’re not too bothered about seeing it, I’m sure it’ll be better seen in 2D at home anyway.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 09 February 2011

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