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The Hangover 2

So you know The Hangover from a couple of years ago, it was a surprise hit, kinda came out of no where and was kinda funny and made a bundle for the studio. So surprise surprise here we are 2 years later and here’s a sequel. Between 1 and 2 there’s been a lot of films claiming to be the next Hangover but most have really failed to deliver the same laughs as it did, so does the sequel live up to the original and is it even as good as the pretenders?

The film starts much as the first one did, with an establishing scene where Phil calls up and tells someone they fucked up and it looks like the wedding is off. Then flashback to the beginning and we can now have the set up for the story. This time Stu is getting married, he’s met a lovely, young, Thai woman and she’s the new centre of his life. She makes him happy and stable, and so they’re getting married in Thailand to show respect to her family. And of course knowing what happened last time Stu isn’t keen on having a big bachelor party, which leaves Phil kinda miffed.

Then, after being convinced by Doug, Stu invites Alan along. He’s being pining for the friendship he built up with the guys and is, if anything, weirder than he was before. Stu’s unhappy about it, but invites him along anyway. At the airport Stu’s fiancé’s brother, Teddy, meets the guys, which annoys Alan greatly, he wanted it to be just ‘the wolf pack’ and does everything he can to get rid of Teddy.

Upon arriving in Thailand they have a rehearsal dinner, during which it becomes obvious Stu’s Father-in-law to be hates him, accusing him of being weak, bland and dull, during his speech and when it’s Teddy’s turn to make a speech Alan stands up and makes matter’s worse. After the dinner Phil finds Stu and convinces him to come and have 1 drink down on the beach and Lauren, Stu’s fiancé, convinces him he should and he should take Teddy and show him some fun. And then that’s where we get to the Hangover part of the film.

Really there’s not a great deal to be said for The Hangover 2, it’s much the same as the first. Only it’s not as good because, firstly you’re expecting it this time, it’s not some unknown and you’ve already seen most of the tricks it pulls. And secondly, rather than attempt to be different to the first film they’ve basically taken bits of the first and blown them up in to bigger or grosser than before. So while there are laughs to be had in the film, they’re either uncomfortable or stale. It’s not all bad but for the most part you’ve seen them in the trailer or know them from the first film, so you won’t come out of the film thinking how great it is, but more how much better it could have been rather than the all right sort of film it turned out to be.

While there’s some beautiful locations, as well as slums and skyscrapers of Bangkok it’s not exactly the most exciting film visually. Though you wouldn’t really expect it to be, seeing as it’s pretty much an immature comedy film. The acting is as good as it needs to be, I suppose, but, as much as I liked him in previous films and TV shows, Zach Galifianakis is beginning to get annoying with these weird, child-like and eccentric characters.

So while it’s not a terrible film, it is basically pointless, the gags are rehashed, the story isn’t really relevant to anything or anyone, and laughs, while present, aren’t really thick and fast, more there but muted. Give it a go if you’re a fan of the first but don’t expect it to be as good as the first.

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Reviewed by Kevin on 22 October 2011

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