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The Princess & The Frog

The Princess & The Frog is the story of Tiana, a young black woman in 20s New Orleans. She has a dream to own a restaurant of her own and she works 2 jobs saving to put a down payment on a place of her own. While her rich, spoiled friend Charlotte has always had a dream of finding a prince and marrying him. When a playboy Prince, Naveen, comes to New Orleans to find a rich girl to marry, after his parents cut him off, Charlotte thinks her dream has come true and has her father throw a fancy dress ball to have a chance with Prince Naveen and asks Tiana to cater the event.

While having fun around the city Naveen runs in to a voodoo Shadow Man who offers to tell his fortune, and turns him in to a frog and turns his man servant in to Prince Naveen, in a ploy to gain Charlotte’s father’s fortune and run the town. During the party Tiana changes in to a costume and is stood on a balcony wishing on a star that her dream will come true when she spots a frog on the balcony, she asks if he wants a kiss and is shocked when he replies. Naveen explains his situation and Tiana maks a deal that she will kiss him if he helps her buy her restaurant and he agrees, but upon kissing him, instead of him turning back in to a man, she turns in to a frog.

I’d expected that my niece would like to see The Princess & The Frog but she said it didn’t look very good and decided not to see it, which is a shame because it was the best traditional animation film Disney have put out in a very long time. There’s a decent story, fun and catchy songs, strong humour and beautiful animation. It’s really made me interested in going back and watching the older Walt Disney Classics again. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any of them and I’d forgotten how much fun the good Disney cartoons were.

I’d strongly recommend it to any one who used to enjoy Disney movies or anyone just looking for a fun, family friendly movie to watch during the half term holidays.

Available from: Amazon • • Amazon US

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The Princess & The Frog, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Reviewed by Kevin on 31 January 2011

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