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UFC 128 Maurício ‘Shogun’ Rua Vs Jon Jones (Main Card)

Brendan Schaub vs. Mirko Filipović (Cro cop)
The fight started off with a slow pace against the cage with no chance of landing clean shots resulting in  Schaub receiving a warning from the referee for hitting to the back of the head. He soon brought the fight to Mirko taking him to the floor reminiscent of Edge from the WWE, Mirko had zero chance of defending against this and is left on the floor only able to kick upwards, Shaub quickly jumped on him and gets to some ground and pound, Mirko seemed to be in trouble, but like the professional he is, he manages to get to his feet.

Round 2 saw Mirko start with a big kick but again was quickly taken to the ground and felt punishment from Brendan Schaub. As Schaub was getting to his feet with his knee on the ground Mirko lands a kick illegally resulting in him getting a warning from referee Herb Dean; who coincidentally hasn’t missed a thing, great refereeing. the fight then takes a sharp turn as Schaub is cut above his left eye and his nose seems to be broken, blood is flowing fast. The referee steps in again to deduct a point away from Schaub for continuous illegal shots to the back of the head. Mirko has the upper hand towards the end of the round as Schaub’s cut seems to be really effecting him.

Mirko started round 3 off with an accidental low blow, he quickly apologises and the fight gets back on with each of them letting off shots in quick succession; you can tell they are really trying to hurt each other now. Schaub shows us his takedown offence is incredible with another spear, Mirko manages to get to his feet but schaub puts him straight back to the canvas. Mirko is trying his best to take some control of the fight and seems to be gaining some momentum… BANG! A huge over hand right from Schaub lands clean to Mirko’s jaw as he ran in to try land a shot. Referee jumps straight in to end the fight.

Winner: Brendad Schaub with a TKO

Nate Marquardt vs. Dan Miller
The fight started off very tentative, they soon began trading shots though Nate tried to land some big shots early on but Dan’s defence is solid. Nate takes it to a grappling game and then takes it to the floor attempting a choke; Dan manages to get back to his feet, and tries his best to take Nate down but Nate’s defence is far superior to Dan’s offence and nothing materialises from the ground game. Nate lands some small shots and they are soon to their feet again and Nate slams dan to the ground but lands awkwardly resulting in Dan having a choke hold in place and nearly succeeds in a guillotine. Nate frees himself and takes control on top, Dan keeps a firm hold on him though and nothing is able to happen, nate does however land a huge elbow just before the end of the round.

Round 2 started with Nate landing some big kicks, but Dan came back with some great punches of his own. Soon turns into a tentative boxing match, Nate lands some great strikes including a huge flying knee. Dan attempts to take it to the ground but it soon turns back to the stand up game; Nate lands some nice jabs but nothing really hurts Dan. This leads Nate to try the takedown, but ends up in yet another guillotine with the same result, Nate’s escape. the round finishes with some huge elbows from Nate.

The final round stays with the tempo of previous rounds and the stand up boxing approach, this plays into Nate’s hands and he lands some huge shots, punches and kicks to the head. Nate continues to mix things up, faking shots and landing clean shots. These big shots results in Dan receiving a cut above his eye, blood is coming down his face it is clear to see and this is the moment Dan lost the fight, from here on Nate took full control landing elbow after elbow.

Winner: Nate Marquardt by Unanimous Decision.

Jim Miller vs. Kamal Shalorus
Right from the get go both fighters stand and trade shots, brawling from the offset, this is the fight we all wanted to see. Both take some big shots and clearly employ that stand and bang mentality. Miller lands a nice left hook followed by a huge flying knee, this really shook shalorus. This is the only real action in round 1 as the rest of the round ended up been alot of holding on the ground.

Round 2 started as the previous; both standing trading shots, but it soon became feints rather then connection as most shots didn’t touch the other fighter. Miller tries for a take down and succeeds and goes straight into a transition to get round the back of shalorus to allow him to go for a chokehold, Shalorus manages to get his arms free though, Miller locks in a body triangle though so Shalorus is going nowhere fast. Miller continues to keep the pressure on, attemping further chokes but only manages to get his arms across Shalorus’s jaw while this is painful it will no choke him out.

Miller lands some good knees and kicks to start round 3 off, a minute in they are still stood trading shots, with Miller taking charge landing shots to the head, mixing it up with kicks and quick jabs. Miller then lands an incredible uppercut clean to the jaw of Shalorus; who seems to squat from the force and Miller lands another clean shot to the jaw followed by a huge knee which floors Kamal instantly. Miller instincts kick in and jumps on Kamal straight away letting off combinations, the referee has no option but to step in and stop the fight.

Winner: Jim Miller by TKO

Urijah Faber vs. Eddie Wineland

Faber ties up with Wineland right from the offset but Eddie has the upper hand, Faber lets off some shots and drops to the ground to get out of the grapple and takes a shot on the way down. Faber runs straight at Eddie and takes him straight down but Wineland is soon back to his feet. Faber seems determined to throw Wineland about as he keeps going for throws but isn’t successful with any of them as Eddie’s defence is too strong. Eddie manages to get round the back of Faber and slams him to the ground. They’re soon back to their feet and keep with the striking game, Faber gets in some great counter shots and goes for a huge take down, lifting Wineland up in the air but still can’t manage to take him down to the ground; very impressive take down defence from Wineland.

Round 2 starts out with lots of feints, high tempo movement, but no real connections early on. Wineland goes for a combination but Faber dodges everything thrown and comes back with his own counter strikes. Urijah then fakes a punch and grabs Wineland’s leg and takes out his standing leg with a leg sweep, great technique on show here. Faber is then in control from the top and lands some good strikes and some punishing short elbows. They’re not long on their feet when Faber picks Wineland up and smashes him to the canvas and keeps springing up and back down from the canvas landing elbows each time he comes back down. Eddie shows grit and determination trying to get back up but Faber puts his back, back to the floor. Faber continues to unleash hurtful elbows, he eventually picks wineland up and power bombs him to the ground followed by a huge elbow to the jaw.

Round 3 gets underway and Faber lands a big right hand, but it doesn’t rock Wineland he seems to take it with no struggle, Faber attempts to takedown Eddie but Wineland blocks the attempts, Faber then keeps landing knees. The first half of the round was mostly feints and blocks, but then Faber fakes a takedown and lands a well executed uppercut followed by a great hook and more straights to the head, wineland didn’t see any of these coming and had no way of getting out of the way. Faber is really starting to put on a show and showing he has incredible speed and accuracy with his strikes. Faber then takes Wineland down to the ground and again power bombs him and continuously lands elbows, but nothing seems to be hurting Wineland; he managed to survive the fight.

Winner: Urijah Faber by Unanimous Desicion

Light Heavyweight Championship bout: Maurício Rua vs. Jon Jones
Jones starts the fight off with a great flying knee to Shogun’s jaw and then takes him to the ground and lands a great elbow. This is a pronominal start from Jon Jones, on top just muscling Shogun like he’s a featherweight, Jones soon has hold of Shoguns neck and goes for a choke out, but Shogun isn’t as easy at that to beat. Jones get to full guard and lands a very effective elbow to the head of Shogun. Jones stays on top pummelling not only throwing punches and elbows to the head, but hes also using his elbow to the body of Shogun this is a perfect example of how unorthodox Jon Jones’s style is. Shogun has no reply he can only lay and take the punishment, he eventually manages to start to get up but Jones is straight onto him with a knee to the body and a kick straight in the face of Shogun followed by left hooks, right hook, a jab and finishes off with an Anderson Silva inspired kick to the jaw straight down the middle. Shogun tries to come forward and string together some sort of attack to show he isn’t already beaten, but he is very uneven and Jones grabs him and smashes his knee into his head, ducks under Shoguns punch and hits him with yet another knee. Jones just continues his assault with another flying knee and right hand, Shogun manages to let off a combination but there is no sting in his shots. Jones again takes Shogun to the ground and the round ends with Jones landing a huge elbow to Shoguns jaw.

Another huge Anderson Silva kick to start off round 2 from Jones, Shogun manages to grab Jones but he can only manage to stay against the cage. This for me is where I knew Jon Jones was going to win this fight, any other fighter would of held and waited for an opening; however Jones pulled out a spinning back elbow clean to Shogun’s jaw and is followed immediately with a sharp left upperhook to the chin. Shogun really tries to come forward and charge but Jones just moves out of the way. Jones lands a huge left hand counter as Shogun went for a low kick, Rua then walks into an elbow and Jones delivers another kick to the chin. Jones lands a huge shot and Shogun is again facing the canvas, Jones is smothering Shogun at this point covering his mouth and holding his nose, this will be really difficult for Shogun to catch his breath. Jones again begins landing clean elbows, he is just throwing them at will with nothing coming back; Shogun is getting really beat up. Jones starts letting off elbows to the body and to the head, we soon see that Shogun is bleeding from his nose and mouth. Jones is not letting up though he lands another powerful elbow, I can’t remember the last time someone was so dominant and picked his shots so perfectly and landed them so clean. The round ends with Jones going for a surprise leg lock submission which is unsuccessful so he reaches back to hand out a hammer fist to the jaw of shogun.

Jones starts the round again with a kick, Shogun knows he has to try and bring the fight to Jones and comes out swinging but doesn’t connect with anything and is really looking beaten at this point, this is not the fight we expected to see. Jones is holding back waiting for his perfect opportunity when Shogun attempts to takedown Jones, but Jones ends up on top and we see yet more punishment handed out to shogun via punches and elbows in combinations all landing clean. We then see Jones wind his left hand bang and it comes forward smashing into the jaw of Shogun and followed by an elbow and then sees Shogun is really hurt lets loose with fast strikes involving punches and elbows Shogun been the champion that he is manages to begin to get to his feet, Jones throws and lands a massive uppercut clean to the jaw of Shogun this leaves Shogun falling back and Jones gives out another knee to the body and then finishes with a big knee to the head. The referee Herb Dean has no option but to jump in and stop the fight.

Winner: Jon Jones by TKO – He is now the youngest UFC champion ever. A TERRIFIC! performance. He will now face his training partner Rashad Evans in the near future.

Coming into this event I really couldn’t see Shogun getting beat by anyone at this point, but Jones is everything you would want in a fighter to beat somebody like Shogun. I thought it was 1 of the best performances I have ever seen, it isn’t very often you see a champion still in shape and strong coming into a fight only to be totally dominated. This win for me was a much bigger shock then Brock Lesnar getting destroyed by Cain Velasquez, but definitely as significant.

Another stand out performance tonight was Urijah Faber, he really shined, not only did we see just how quick he is, his technical ability is really impressive, I bill him as a future Challenger for the winner of the title fight between José Aldo and Mark Hominick who are billed to fight at UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields.

Brendan Schaub showed he can not only take a punch and survive while been badly cut, and push until the end of round 3, only to bring out a surprise fight ending punch.

Overall this was 1 of the most entertaining UFC events for a fairly long time, every fight was a great watch, and to round it off we bared witness to a future hall of famer in Jon Jones, can anyone stop this man? We will see what Rashad Evans has for him, I personally can’t see Jones getting beat anytime in the near future, he was very impressive, but Evans is technically fantastic and can bang as good as anyone, UFC has become a very exciting sport, anything can happen, and I look forward to more exhilarating match ups and events.

Awards of the night

Fighters were awarded $70,000 bonuses.

  • Fight of the Night: Edson Barboza vs. Anthony Njokuani
  • Knockout of the Night: Brendan Schaub and Erik Koch
  • Submission of the Night: Not awarded as no matches ended by submission.
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Reviewed by Mowa on 24 March 2011

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