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Vitali Klitschko VS Odlanier Solís

Coming into the fight Solis was billed as a strong contender and some even fancied him to take the title home as he had a strong amateur career. Before coming into this fight Solis was unbeaten in 17 professional fights. This wasn’t a fight Vitali picked, this was a mandatory title defence, with Solis been the number 1 contender.

With all the speculation and what seemed to be a good match up I expected a great fight, however I didn’t receive such a gift.

Klitschko started with his usual prodding style; Solis was very much on the back foot. Klitschko was in total control through out the “fight” always going forward and Solis run and kept close to the ropes. For the first couple of minutes I saw moments where Solis showed his speed and I thought this was shaping up to be a good fight, Vitali was just a towering presence. Before the first round finished he landed what looked like the slightest of right hands. Solis seemed to shake it off but a couple of seconds later Solis’s legs gave way. His left leg went 1 way and his right went another, counting to 10 was just a formality. The fight was over.

This was a huge dissapointment, from the moment I heard David Haye was to face Wladimir Klitschko, I felt I must give the Ukrainian brothers a chance as previously I just couldn’t watch them as i consider their fights extremely boring.

This fight only showed Vitali’s power is just ridiculous and is something to stay away from at all costs. Fight was far, far too short and wish I could of seen more of both fighters I guess I will have to wait for the brothers to face Haye to really see what they’re made of.
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Reviewed by Mowa on 20 March 2011

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